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Life after miscarriage

Miscarrying a baby I found to be one of the most difficult things in life...
It’s really hard emotionally, mentally and at the same time physically...
Not easy to talk about it, as words can’t describe how you feel

and even if you try, only people who have been through it can truly understand...

I have created a 6 weeks group program to help ladies with their
pain and struggles...

This program:
* has all the tools that have helped me through this painful time
* creates a safe place, where everything you feel is valid and can be
shared without judgement
* is a place where you have the support not just from me, but from
other ladies who have joined the group for the same reason...

*online sessions from the comfort of your home

Week 1: Creating a safe place, understanding that you are not alone in this
Week 2: Guided meditation, spiritual connection
Week 3: EFT tapping session to release all the emotions you struggle with and that will come up during the session
Week 4: 1 to 1 sessions to work through the main traumatic events of the miscarriage
Week 5: Learning about your blocks and negative beliefs around pregnancy
Week 6: Learning ways to become more comfortable going forward

If you would like to join the group program please:



If you prefer not to work in groups, the program is available as 6

one to one sessions

For one to one sessions please:

If you struggle, PLEASE REACH OUT!

You don’t have to deal with it on your own!

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