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EFT Tapping and
Matrix Reimprinting

Emotional Freedom Techique

A gentle tapping technique that helps finding the core issues (negative beliefs) to the problems (anxiety, anger issues, grief, relationships, traumatic events and many more...) and helps resolving them.

Life Coaching

At its most basic, life coaching is a collaborative, non-directive conversation between coach and client that can bring about profound change through questions, reflection, choices and new behaviours. Through this process, clients are empowered to make courageous decisions about their life, relationships and work.

Reiki Healing

Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch. Reiki practitioners use their hands to deliver energy to your body, improving the flow and balance of your energy to support healing.

Rite of the Womb

The rite of the Womb is a very powerful loving energy transmission that will restore the natural balance of your creative centre.

The rite of the Womb is a blessing of the Womb, our sacred place of creation.

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