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Working with Edina has truly changed my life. I knew nothing really about how her services would help me, I just knew at that point in my life, I needed support and an understanding ear. She was that and so much more. From our very first session, she created a safe space for me to completely open up with my struggles, allowing me to feel calmer, more in control of my emotions and understood. She is so generous with her time and suggestions, during our sessions I felt 'held'. It was the first time I opened up about some really painful experiences in my life and I felt truly heard, like someone was holding my hand throughout the process, without judgement or expectation. Her calm and compassionate nature makes her really easy to work with and during the often cathartic sessions, I always felt more at peace by the end of them. If you're looking to release heavy, sad, dark emotions and feel lighter, less anxious and safe in your body, working with Edina can help you achieve that. Thank you so much Edina x


Find you purpose -I was wondering for a while what is my life purpose, what am I good at and what could be my new future job. Edina's mini course really helped me think deeply about myself. This week I started an interior design course. Thank you for the kick with your minin course Edina!


"About a month after I have received the Rite of the Womb, I started to feel a bit strange. I started to feel like I was floating on the top of the water and my inner voice was saying to me to relax and let go of any resistance and allow myself to feel my emotions because it's safe for me to do so. The water I was floating on became a golden white ligth, which flowed into my body, adjusting everything that wasn't right.


Working with Edina is easy and comfortable. I have had a few sessions together with her now and each time I leave feeling more positive about myself and my life. Thank you Edina, I look forward to more sessions!


I have had a few EFT and Matrix reimprinting sessions with Edina. The sessions were helpful and insightful. Edina is professional and knowledgeable in what she does and I can highly recommended her.

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