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Negative beliefs - how are they effecting our lives?

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Common negative core beliefs about oneself are 'I am not good enough', I am a failure', 'I am not important' but we can have negative beliefs about others 'People will hurt me', People can't be trusted'... ect.

How does the belief system works?

Let's look at this illustration using an example:

The belief is: 'I am a failure'

'I am a failure' --> I lose the drive to do my best, as it doesn't matter what I do, I will fail anyway' --> I create negative thoughts around not succeeding, I come up with every possible reason why I won't succeed, I feel down as 'I know' it won't work, so I don't give it a 100%, give up after the first difficulty or don't even try --> either way I experience failure --> which then proves my belief that 'I am a failure'...

Can you see how easily it's done?

And the more often I prove to myself 'I am a failure' the stronger the belief gets and more diffucult it will be to prove to myself otherwise.

Just imagine what a great difference it would make in our sample of belief if I thought 'I can do this'!

Where do the negative beliefs originate?

  1. Early experiences / traumas (up to 7 years of age): criticism from family members, teachers and other people in our lives and comparison to others... ect.

  2. Family and society beliefs

  3. Traumas later in life.

How core beliefs lead to negative self-talk?

  • Criticism and comparison ('I am not good enough', I am not as clever/pretty/slim as others...)

  • Unhelpful assumptions ('My worth depends on what other people think about me')

  • Automatic negative thoughts ('Everything is my fault', 'Something is wrong with me')

How negative core beliefs come to the surface? How do I know I have a negative core belief?

  • Withdrawn, antisocial

  • Common feelings of anxiety, sadness, guilt, failure

  • Procrastination, loss of interest

  • Poor concentration

  • Sleeplessness

How can I find what my negative beliefs are that effecting my life and how can I change them to positive?

There are many alternative therapies that can help you!

Just a few example:

  • Mindfulness

  • EFT Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting

  • Life Coaching

  • NLP and many more!

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