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Bringing awareness to miscarriage / baby loss

On baby loss week (9-15th of October), I decided to try to talk about miscarriage and baby loss as much as I can, as I truly believe it would make it so much more bearable for people if it wasn't such a taboo subject.

Nobody wants to talk about it, so parents who lost their babies feel alone and hopless and everybody else who are close to them have no idea how to help (and lot of the time they do what they think it's the best and cause more upset)

Nobody really understand a loss of a baby until it happens to them. I am a very empathetic person so when it happend to my friends I felt terrible for them but haven't realised how my friends must have truly felt until it happened to me. Just then I realised I was saying all the wrong things myself.

So talking openly about it would help parents to share how they really feel and would help everybody else to know how to support them.

I will be absolutely honest with you... Bringing awareness to baby loss gets me completely out of my comfort zone... It scares me... I am talking about something that nobody wants to talk about, while I am flooded with the deepest emotions... But when I think about the reason why I am doing this, knowing I can help and support others, gives me peace and strengh to face whatever comes...

Together we can make a difference!

baby loss, miscarriage awareness week

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