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The Universe is responding to your vibes

I have shared a similar story with you before but this time I have experienced it from a bit different view... :) This weekend was one of the many proofs for me that the Universe is responding to your vibes!!!

I went away for a long weekend to Northern France (there are some really special places you can go for a break)... We were checking the weather forecast closer to the time, and it didn't look great. And as the days went by the forecast got worse and worse to the point that it was forecasting rain and wind for the whole 4 days when we were there...

Normally I would get depressed and not look forward to the trip, but this time it was different... I didn't just accept the fact that the weather will be bad and I would just have to try and make the most out of it like last time when this happened.

This time I was actually looking forward to going... I was looking forward to whatever comes while I was there, looking forward to sit in the apartment looking out to the sea and read my books and do some of my work (as it is really inspiring for me to work from different places), I was so excited to go despite the weather...

You can guess what's happened... :) The weather was amazing, it was sunny most of the time, bit cloudy time to time, but pretty warm and one day I even got a little bit too much sun... :)

What happened there? I do believe the Universe responded to my vibration of joy and excitement... In the old days I would have said it was just a coincidence but the more I learn about creating my own life, attracting and manifesting everything I have into it, the more I can see connections rather than coincidences... :)

Could I be wrong?? Of course I could be!!! Could it be just luck??? Of course it could be!!!

But does believing in my own creating power raises my vibration and make me feel like I am ready to create and receive more??? No doubt about that!!! :)

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