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How does self-awareness helps us to create a better life?

What is Self-Awareness?

Self-awareness is the ability to see yourself clearly without the attachment to being right or wrong.

You are not your thoughts and emotions, and with-self awareness you have the ability to observe them objectively.

If you are higly self aware, you can control your emotions, thoughts and actions.

"When we focus our attention on ourselves, we evaluate and compare our current behavior to our internal standards and values. We become self-conscious as objective evaluatoers of ourselves." - Shelly Duval and Robert Wicklund

  • Internal self-awareness: How clearly you see yourself and your values and how your environment, actions, thoughts and emotions fit with them.

  • External self-awareness: When you can see how other people see you. Understand how your actions, thoughts and emotions effecting others.

Why is it important and what are the benefits of Self-awareness?

  • Better understanding of yourself (your strengh, weaknesses)-so you can improve your skills.

  • Increases motivation.

  • Helping setting goals that you can follow through.

  • Helps to be more in control of your emotions and thoughts, so you react less.

  • Better decision making.

  • Reducing stress.

  • Helps you to find your true purpose.

How to develope and increase Self-awareness?

  • Observe your emotions

  1. Identify the emotion and allow yourself to feel it (aknowledge emotions not as good or bad, right or wrong, but as a source of information that help you develop self-awareness)

  2. Observe what you feel and how those feelings distract / challenge / contribute or help you

  3. Notice the build up before the trigger

  4. Observe what and who triggers you and how you react to it

  • Write a journal

  • Write down your goals, plans and priorities

  • Daily self-reflection on emotions and behaviours

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