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How to support a friend through a miscarriage / lost a baby

It is a very sensitive and taboo topic, but I think it's important to break the silence around baby loss.

People don’t like to think about death in general, especially when it happens to a baby or an unborn child. They don’t really know what to say or do say the wrong things. Then those who had to experience it feel like they have to hide their pain to stop making other people feel uncomfortable.

Opening up about this really fragile subject can help the parents with the loss and help the loved ones know what to do or not to do and how they can help.

How can you help somebody who lost a baby?

1. Acknowledge their loss... - Don't ignore the fact, they have just lost their baby, ignoring it just because you don't know how to talk to them is not the answer... if you don't know what to say, just say 'I am really sorry for your loss'... or 'I am here if you need anything or would like to talk'... (simple, easy and it gives them the opportunity to open up if they wish to)

2. Listen and let them grieve... - It's not easy to talk about loss, so if a person who miscarried feels like opening up to you, it's a big thing... let them, and respect them with your attention... let them say what they need to say and let them feel sad, angry whatever emotions they need to let feel and let go eventually...

3. Encourage them to talk to others who had a miscarriage... - Talking to people, who have been through very similar things what we do, can be really beneficial, shows we are not alone and easier to open up...

4. Offer support... - Ask them what do they need, instead of trying to force on them what you think it's the best for them...

Love and support to all of you out there...

Miscarriage support / how to help people who lost their baby

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