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Letting go (Release and Receive)

I would like to share a few of my thoughts about letting go...

These 2 words used to trigger me badly, I was dreading to hear them... I used to get really angry when anyone said these words to me...

My sister often said them to me when we talked on the phone when I was telling her about things that bothered me, I was stuck with, I struggled with and she often said: Just let it go! Did that drive me mad??? and did I get angry with her a lot about it??? Sometimes I even stopped talking to poor soul for days just because she said those dreaded words...

Thinking about it now makes me smile...

Why did it trigger me? Is it because I just wanted to let the steam out without any advice? Is it because I felt like I am not allowed to feel my emotions? Is it because those words sound over rated? Is it because I wasn't ready to let go? Or is it because they were just words to me without meaning?

I still don't really know the answer to that but once I started to become fully aware of those words, found there real meaning and felt their power everything suddenly changed... :)

I realised these words don't actually stop me to feel my emotions, they incourage me to feel and aknowledge everything that is going on within me because by accepting my emotions and thoughts, I release the emotional attachment to them so I become free from them.

(Letting go doesn't mean to stop thinking about neagative things and force yourself to feel better, letting go means to aknowledge and accept your thoughts and how you feel abuot them, then you won't be attached to them emotionally so they will fade away naturally)

A big part of my work now is focusing on letting go... :) Releasing anything and everything that doesn't serve us anymore, decluttering our environment, our mind and energy field to make space for all the wonderful things waiting to enter our live.

I have even created a Facebook group called 'Release and Receive' to share the importance of being able to let go because while the cup is full you won't be able to pour any more into it. We are the same until we release things (physical, mental, energetical) from our lives we won't have space to receive all the things we desire.

To join the facebook group click on the link:

(I really should dedicate this facebook group to my sister :))

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