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Miscarriage support - what not to do when trying to support someone after a miscarriage

How to support somebody who lost a baby? What not to do or say...

1. Avoid cliché comments... Don't say: 'Just stay positive, it will happen when the time is right...' '1 in every 4 women has a miscarriage...' 'My friend had miscarriages and now they have a baby...' The baby they have lost is not just a number, so don't treat them like that!

2. Avoid blaming or offer advice when not asked... - Do not bring blame to the table... Blaming somebody for what's happened won't change the fact but can cause so much more pain trying to deal with it all... Don't tell them what they should be doing... there are things that might be obvious when you are not in the situation, what would be good for them, but they know what they need for what they are going through at that particular time... Just offer your support in whatever THEY need...

3. Recognise grief doesn't have a time limit... - Don't make them feel like they had enough time to deal with there loss, they should get on with their lives, or if they started to feel a bit better then they get another sad period, don't make them feel bad about it... Whatever they feel is valid and they should feel free to feel what they need to feel... Suppressing emotions will lead to not being able to go through the whole grieving process, which will set them

Love and support

Miscarriage support - how to support somebody who lost their baby

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