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The hardest times in life gave me purpose

On my Healing Journey I have reached the point where everything finally makes sense... Where I see all my struggles as blessings...

* Everything I have ever lost, gave me something truly meaningful * All those times when the pain was too great and I was ready to give up but kept going gave me strength * All my failures thought me something new * The hardest and most challenging times GAVE ME PURPOSE...

… purpose to * show people that it is possible to overcome all their struggles, no matter how impossible it seems at the time * show them the way when they get lost and can't see the next step forward * help and support them on their Journey to a happier and fuller life

I am not here to change your life, but to guide you through your journey with my knowledge and experience so YOU can change it!

If you are interested working with me, if you struggle and feel like you can't do it on your own or just have any questions please get in touch with me, I am here to help!

purpose in life / miscarriage / always see the good in the bad

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