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Change yourself and the World will change around you...

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Understanding that everything that's happening in our lives is our responsibility is the most liberating thing I personally have ever experienced...

But how can I be responsible for things that happening to me???

Just a few of the many questions I can hear you asking:

How can I be responsible for stucking in traffic because a car broke down at the end of the road or stucking in the queue at the post office because they are short of stuff? These are all random things happening to me, I have nothing to do with them!!???

But think about it for a moment... You chose to go with the car, that route, that time and you decided to go to the post office that particular time... You are in certain places at a certain time because of the choices YOU made...

How can I be responsible when everybody always picking on me??? Or that nobody ever listens to me???

For that we need to go a bit deeper and find our negative beliefs why we let people picking on us or let people continuously disrespect us... But again... It's up to us to stand up for ourselves and create the life we are happy with. There are ways to get over our insecurities so we can get confident to be able to achieve what we always wanted.

How does that sound?

When I thought about this deeper it was so liberating...

Trying to keep finding somebody who is responsible for our happiness, for all the bad things happening to us is exhausting and restricting. It takes away all our control over our lives, like we are just some lifeless puppets controlled by anybody or anything else but ourselves.

Every time you get annoyed by something ask yourself the question: 'What is my contribution to this situation?

Realising that you are in control of your life and everything that happens to you, opens up a whole new different world.

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